Goods and Services Tax

Goods and Services Tax is a Good Initiative by Government: Ksemin Enterprises

Now days there are a curiosity about GST (Goods & Service Tax) as our Prime Minister. Narendra Modi called it Good and Simple Tax As Mr. Narendra Modi said yes it is a good and simple tax is their doubt, undoubtedly Ksemin Enterprises support our Prime Minister statement and shows the strong political will of our Prime Minister. As the name suggests, the GST also has the advantages or disadvantages. But overall it is a win-win situation for India and every citizen of country, As our Finance minister Arun Jately said it is the tax for future and this is the right time to implement the GST into the nation's economy. Now India is not just a growing country but it has the power to move world economy and of course now we make a difference in the world. Most of the strongest economies looking for a bright future, that's why they start investing in India. Our Prime Minister has had courage and yes undoubtedly Ksemin said that "He is the Next World Leader" (May be Forbes Taking some time to announce this).

Like India is a running capital for world Gurgaon(Gurugram) is for India. Now Gurgaon(Gurugram) is not less than an economy capital for Haryana, Delhi NCR only, but as for our country also. Gurgaon is one of the top highest per capital income in the country so without knowing the effect and affect of GST(Goods & Service Tax) in our city isn't it is wrathful. As i guises i am right from you guys the city of cites the Cyber city Gurgaon has its own Karizma in the country and world. As Chief Minister of Haryana said GST generate more than 10 lakh jobs in the country, so it's in gurgaon as well. GST is the biggest transformation for our state and country as well so remove all concern about the GST in your mind. GST has the same impact like AADHAR and JAN DHAN YOJAN did in the past, this tax belongs to the rural India as I said the real India because the real India still live in the village. More than 60% population of India is still in the village of our country. GST will boost the economy of our village strengthen them and create an opportunity, defeat inflation of country. More than 60% of daily uses goods are cheaper than ever.

Days are gone now when Tax is like Tax terrorism and you have to remember multiple taxes, Goods and Services Tax get ride all of you from your worries and the only thing you have to remember is GST. We all know some hurdles are always comes into your path when you take a step ahead, but as country support Mr. Modi during the demonization same history will repeated once again. Because now people of this country well aware with the fact that after more than 7 decade in India here is the man who real wants that our country will be the world business leader once again and every people of his country proudly says he/she from India. So it is not just an article but it's my small effort for my country, people of my country and its economy.