Facility Management

Ksemin Enterprises Predicts Facility Management Sectors Cross the US$ 20 Billion by 2020

Ksemin believes in Quality and understand well that biggest asset of any organization is actually its employees. In the changing business scenario and unreasonable fluctuation in the customer demands the organizations are under tremendous pressure and are on the verge of losing the good customer and the business opportunities. The capable and potential management staff all time peeved just to arrange the work force and knows their focus into the core business process like the technical training and development employee satisfaction and most important is the stress management to retain their sincere and hard working employees. Ksemin provides advice to MNC corporate occupiers of commercial real estate who are seeking to outsource facilities management service and solutions.

Ksemin Healthy & Safety Management (KHSM): As most crucial areas of work Ksemin provide superior HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) processes which help to prevent incidents, protect people & property, maintain regulatory compliance.

Ksemin Strategic & Finance Management (KSFM): We provide performance management services for services like cleaning, roads/grounds, cafeteria/caterings. Our professionals review and track expense controls providing real time access to financial data to facilitate clients decision making processes.

Ksemin Technology & Energy Innovation (KTEI): Ksemin innovation experts provide oversight of Insight technology solutions and envision and implement successful energy management and sustainability outcomes, translating these into green occupier strategies.

Facilities management services market in India is valued at USD 20 Billion for 2016 Market. The market is expected to grow at 22% annual rate and reach US$ 25 billion by 2020. Facilities industry has a immense potential to create opportunity in India. Furthermore, the training of our staff is arranged as per the latest industry demands, which enable them to face any arising challenges efficiently. For this, we maintain a large database of manpower that allows us to meet urgent requirements of the clients. As a facility management expert Ksemin Enterprises can see the huge potential in the facility Industry in India. By the 2016-17 this service sector predicts a growth which is more than 20%. In the upcoming years end users need a safe and comfortable professional work environment.

As a facility management organization Ksemin Enterprises agreed "Service Which Support and Improve the Effectiveness of Its Primary Activities" is the integration of process within an organization to maintain and developed. FM sector has an immense potential and creates an opportunity of US$ 25 Billion by 2020. This business is growing because of rapidly growth in the real estate and infrastructure investment in India. Real estate is the 2nd largest sector in the country to contribute in the GDP. Other factor like increase in super market, malls, retail outlets and more. Entry of international facility consultants has trigged the competition, yet the market grows of its fullest capacity with efficient service model to expect stiff competition. Foreign players like Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), CBRE, Cushman, McClellan, Knight Frank India Pvt. Ltd. & Wakefield are the major key players in facility management industry.

Now more than 85% market is organized by the sub-contractual basics, as per new market trends it is shifted towards integrated facility management in future.