Digital India

Prime Minister Mr. Narender Modi continuously awaking the people of India. When a prime minister of any country focusing on something it means it’s a serious issue or something which is really very important. So now you find out the importance of Digital India an government initiative. Digital India is one of the major changes in the economy of our country. It’s not just a change it’s a flagship programme of the Government of India by which they wants to transform India into a global economy. Government is on a mission whom they named Digital India mission and in this mission they have a very clear vision as well. The vision of our prime minister and his government i.e. “Take the Nation Forward – Digitally and Economically”

This mission is clear and simple digital empowered the society and make it a knowledge economy. This programme is centered on 3 key features:

  • Digital Infrastructure as a core Utility of every citizen of the country and availability of high speed internet as a core utility for delivery of services to citizens. Mobile phone & bank account enabling citizen participation in digital & financial space
  • Governance and Service on Demand and availability of services in real time from online & mobile platforms. Seamlessly integrated services across departments or jurisdictions. Digitally transformed services for improving ease of doing business
  • Digitally empower the citizens and Collaborative digital platforms for participative governance. Citizens not required to physically submitting documents, certificates can universally accessible digital resources.

All of these E-Governance projects were citizen-centric, and could make less than the desired impact due to their limited features. The isolated and less interactive systems revealed major gaps that were thwarting the successful adoption of e-governance along the entire spectrum of governance. Digital India is an Umbrella programme of Government of India; it covers numbers of department and authorities of Govt. It aims to provide the much needed thrust to public sectors, government initiatives and other projects as well. Digital India programme pulling many govt. schemes it will reconstruct all revamped and re-focused and will be implemented in a synchronized manner.

Here is the 9 programme Pillars of Government’s Digital India Initiatives:

  • Broad Band Highways
  • Universally Access to Mobile Connectivity.
  • Public Internet Access Programme.
  • E-Governance reforming government through technology.
  • E-Kranti Electronic Delivery of Services.
  • Information fot All.
  • Electronics Manufacturing.
  • IT for Jobs.
  • Early Harvest Programme.