Organization Not Listed In as a CSR Company Act 2013, but Knows Our Responsibilities as an Enterprise: KSEMIN

CSR which is called Corporate Social Responsibility is not just an environmental concern in business. Corporate social responsibility is a balance in between environment, economy and self satisfaction. Ksemin called it a self satisfaction because when we take so much to Mother Nature, which is our responsibility to give it backs (at least something). So it is also a satisfactory which is feeling within our mind and heart as well.

For “Ksemin Enterprises it is also a concept of valuable contribution towards society, strengthen it, reach the desire audience and enhance brand value”. Here is the important issues which can be cover with CSR like labor working conditions and facility standards, responsibility sourcing, human rights, good governance and much more. Government of India also has a company act of CSR which is called Company Act 2013. Company act apply to companies which has more than INR 1000 cr. turnover or net worth of INR 500 cr. Rupees and net profit is INR 5 cr. or more. Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India has recently notified the Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 along with Companies CSR Policy Rules 2014 "hereinafter CSR Rules" and other notifications related thereto which makes it mandatory with effect from 1st April, 2014 for companies. Company Act 2013 said companies have to spend at least 2% of their average profit in the previous three years on activities. Only CSR activity undertaken in India will be taken into consideration.

The company can implement its CSR activities through the following methods:

- Organization can do its own.

- Through its own non-profit foundation set- up so as to facilitate this initiative.

- Through independently registered non-profit organizations that have a record of at least 3 years in similar such related activities. - Collaborating or pooling their resources with other companies.

As an a social organization Ksemin will be responsible for preparing a detailed plan of the CSR activities including, decisions regarding the expenditure, the type of activities to be undertaken, roles and responsibilities of the concerned individuals and a monitoring and reporting mechanism.